Financial Planning for College in Ohio

Course 101

Remember when your son or daughter was born? Awe, that beautiful bundle of joy. All was right with the world that day. Those beautiful babies grew up so fast and before you knew it they were off to Kindergarten. What a traumatic day that was. Letting your baby out into the world unassisted by you. Oh, how could it be? They weren’t babies anymore. Then in a blink of an eye, I mean, it seems like it happened overnight, they’re in high school. Driving, dating, sports, it’s hard to keep up with them. Where did the time go?

All of a sudden you wake up from your dream and oh no, what about college? What are we going to do?

You thought about it when they started Kindergarten. We should start saving for college, but what a daunting task that was and where do you begin. College is so expensive, how can we ever afford to pay for it or even help pay for it. So you thought about it and then life took over and before you knew it, your child was in high school and the inevitable is staring you in the face. COLLEGE!!

Where do I start?

Most parents don’t have a clue where or when to start talking, planning, saving for college. We all know the earlier the better but when the time comes, are we ready enough? Are we ready at all?

College Planning Solutions can help!

Start by talking to Bob King, owner of College Planning Solutions and King Insurance and Financial Services, LLC about a funding and student plan. He can start you on the right path to achieve your family’s dreams for college. There are many aspects of college that the first time college parent doesn’t know about. We can help guide you through from beginning to end. There are financial tools available to help the college-bound student and his/her parents manage the financial college road without disrupting your retirement and Bob can design a road map specific to your family and the goals of your college-bound student.

If your child is a freshman in High School or higher, it’s not too late to call! Don’t dream away another minute.

Call the office today to schedule your College Planning consultation.