2018 College”Hopes & Worries” Survey Results

April 9, 2018

The 2018 Princeton Review

Every year the Princeton Review takes a survey that analyzes the hopes and worries of college-bound students and their parents. The 2018 report surveyed 10,958 families, 85% of which were students, and 15% parents. As expected the highest worries for both parents and students are paying for college (financial aid and debt); whereas just 12 years ago the biggest concern was getting into their top college choice.

What is interesting in this report was the mindset difference between parents and students, in regards to cost. Take for instance, question No.6. Of the 41% of families that estimated their total college costs would be over $100,000, 63% of those were parents, and only 37% were students. This is a tremendous disconnect between parent and student regarding money. It tells me that BOTH parents & students need to be involved in the college financial decision-making process before students reach their junior year in high school.  The earlier… the better.

If you have a child who is college-bound, no matter what age, you need to start planning now!  It’s essential that families know they are headed into one of the most significant decisions of their lifetime, and they cannot afford to make this decision without the help of a trained Certified College Funding Specialist® on their side.

We can help provide your family direction and guidance through the Financial Aid “System” and the Admissions Process.  Give Bob King a call and let’s have a conversation!