Auto glass-why so expensive??

September 20, 2022

Why are cars so expensive these days?  Part of the cost is all the glass that is in our vehicles these days. This is not just some ordinary glass we’re talking about. This is glass that is tempered or laminated to be safer.  There are cameras in windshields that control the braking systems of cars.  All those driver assist capabilities increase the cost of the glass in our cars.

Think about this, there are over $11 million in glass claims every year in the US alone. All auto glass is manufactured the same and comes from the same place which is federally regulated.

The installation on the other hand is not regulated which is why you need to do your research when having glass replaced in your car.

You can check your windows and windshield to find out what type of glass you have.  There are labels on the glass in your car and if there is the code AS1, that means you have laminated glass or if it has code AS2, that is tempered glass. You should have laminated glass in your windshield. Laminated glass is safety glass that holds together when shattered which will help protect you.  Tempered glass is 4x stronger than regular glass and fractures into small harmless pieces when shattered.  This is beneficial on the side and rear windows of your car in case of an emergency and you need to break the window to escape.

Technology in glass is advancing at lightening speed.  There is technology out there right now that will have solar panels in the roof of your car to charge the battery and we all know about the camera in the windshield that controls the braking system of your car.

The average cost of a windshield these days is about $500 but there could be many extras added to that cost. For example, the cost to recalibrate could be an additional $300 and if you have driver assist in your windshield, that could significantly add to the cost or your replacement.

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