Flood Insurance for Berea, Ohio

June 8, 2017

Did you know that flooding is not covered by your typical homeowner insurance policy?  Flooding is NOT defined as water in your basement.  Flooding is when surface water from outside enters more than one home or more than 2 acres of land and this can happen from several different causes. Flash flooding is one.

Every building, home, apartment, business is in a flood zone!  Just depends on what flood zone. Typically in this area we are all in the low to moderate flood zones which is good news.  But there are certain areas that are near the Metro Parks, ponds, small rivers or lakes that might have higher flooding risks.

Flood insurance can be very affordable and might be less expensive than you think.  If your community participates in efforts to mitigate flooding, there are discounts that are available to you.  Flood insurance can cover your home and it’s contents. It’s not just for homeowners. Renters and Condo owners can get flood insurance too. There is always a 30 day waiting period unless your mortgage company is requiring it.

It is easy to get a quote for flood insurance.  Just give us a call and we can let you know what flood zone risk you are in and just what flood insurance would cost you.