Motorcycle Insurance

March 29, 2018


Are YOU protected while riding your bike?

Many motorcycle owners make sure that their prize possession is protected especially all the accessories they add to enhance their bike. There were over 8 million motorcycles registered in 2016 and according the National Highway Center for Statistics and Analysis, motorcycles were more frequently involved in fatal collisions with fixed objects than other vehicle types. In Ohio alone, in 2016 there were 178 motorcycle fatalities.

So what does this mean to you, the rider?  Not only should you be protecting your investment, you should also be sure you are protecting yourself.  This means that you need to check your current policy to be absolutely sure you have medical payments coverage to the maximum offered on your motorcycle policy and make sure you have un/under insured coverage too.  Did you know there are Insurance companies out there that don’t even offer that coverage? This leaves a huge gap in protecting you while riding your bike.

If you were to be involved in an accident with another vehicle and were hurt or worse yet killed,  and the driver doesn’t have insurance or maybe not enough to cover your injuries, what happens then?  You’re stuck paying medical bills which could be a lot and what if you are out of work or needed physical therapy? Are you prepared to pay those expenses while not collecting a paycheck?

If you are wondering about your current policy or if you just bought a bike, give us a call at King Insurance & Financial Services  and we’ll be glad to review what you have and how it protects you and your bike.