Spring Floods and what you should know

March 21, 2018

Everyone is at risk for Spring flooding, yet many remain unprotected. From a spring thaw with warmer temperatures producing rapid snow melt¬†to spring rains which can drop several inches of precipitation onto¬†already saturated ground to flash flooding, it can happen anywhere. Just a few inches of water can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Between 2006 and 2010 the average flood claim was nearly $34,000. That’s more than many survivors can afford to pay out of pocket for damages due to flooding and without flood insurance many must cover the costs to repair or rebuild on their own.

Be Floodsmart – Reduce your Risk

A flood doesn’t have to be a catastrophic event to bring high out-of-pocket costs and you don’t have to live in a high-risk flood area to suffer flood damage. Around 20% of flood insurance claims occur in moderate to low-risk zones.

Only Flood Insurance covers flood damage

Most standard homeowner policies do NOT cover flood damage. Remember, there is a 30 day waiting period for a new flood policy to take effect so the time to act is now. Flood insurance is also affordable. An average flood policy costs around $600 a year and rates start at just $129 a year for homes in moderate to low-risk areas. Which is most of our area.

For more information visit floodsmart.gov or give King Insurance & Financial Services a call at 440-243-5555 to see how easy it is to protect your home from flooding.